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Do you track your workouts?

So many of us give our all towards our training and nutrition Day in and day out really focusing on ticking the boxes. After all, you all know consistency is key by now. Maybe your track your nutritional intacke. But do you track your workouts? Whether your goal is to lose weight, to hit more...

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I’m a woman, should I use creatine?

Even as a woman, maybe especially as a woman.. You may find yourself wondering, should I use creatine? Yes or no? This is so common to hear with regards to creatine use, should you or shouldn’t you. What does it even do. What are the risks, side effects and results that come from using this...

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Let's talk accountability If you have ever started to diet and train without any real guidance and support then you'll understand. It's easy to fall off the wagon then blame and hate on yourself for your lack of success. Change is so hard, and yet so many of us try to tackle this alone. Did...

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Get abs without crunches!

Is it possible to have visible abs without crunches? Possible to have a tight and strong core without crunching it out for days? What tools are at your disposal for tightening up your midsection and giving you that crop top tummy you have dreamed of?   We all know that there is a kitchen somewhere...

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