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Keys to long term health and fitness

For many people, getting/staying healthy and fit is a painful experience. It involves deprivation, mental challenges, and even sometimes physical pain. This is why our country continues to get less and less healthy despite more and more health resources. But what if it didn’t have to be painful? What if the process wasn’t dreadful?...

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Judgement for your commitment

Whether it’s snarky comments about your commitment to healthy eating, doubtful looks from friends and family who don’t believe you can stick with it. Or the food pusher who just won’t leave you alone. Most people who’ve started their health and fitness journey, have experienced one or more of those scenarios. Is this you?...

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Conquer your fitness goals!

Chasing the perfect plan will get you nowhere! Mastering consistency will get you everywhere. I have seen so many people bouncing from one coach to the next, from one online plan to the next. Yes, this may keep you excited and keep your training interesting, but it doesn’t allow for real results. Have you...

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Sleep and Fat Loss

Sleep and fat loss efforts We all know that weight loss comes down to being in a calorie deficit. However, sometimes it can be more of a struggle depending on what your body is going through. I am sure some of you have experienced this firsthand, when you have had an awful night of...

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How to curb cravings

The number one question… How can I curb cravings? This time of the year means more tea time, more cookies and hot chocolate and more warm lasagne and curry! Do you find yourself craving anything specific? And is it really that bad to give in? You may have some serious goals you want to...

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