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Taking the best progress photo’s

Having a conversation with a friend this morning reminded us both how distorted social media can be. Not only do many of the images make us feel a little down on our bodies. And possibly our health and fitness journey. But also it never really speaks to the struggles overcome to get to those places....

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Your Festive Fitness Plan

The New Year is approaching. Many of us are apprehensive due to the various crazy events this year has brought us. But your festive fitness plan doesnt have to be super complex. Whether you think the chaos will end as January hits or if you believe we better hang in for the long haul. You...

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Breathing for better health and fitness

Did you know that how you breathe when training can affect not only your performance but your overall health? So how exactly should we be breathing for better health? Well most of us don’t breathe properly, just look at how rushed our days are and how busy our minds can be. We never take a...

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Fitness goals at every age

You can be fit at any age And you could get a six pack at any age! Fitness goals at every age, look different. Just because you are getting older does not mean you need to give into the muscle loss that naturally happens. You will indeed need to be persistent and consistent.. BUT you...

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