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Can Exercise Help With Anxiety?

Anxiety is on the rise worldwide. The real worry is that, not only is anxiety debilitating as you experience it. But it can increase your risk for depression, heart disease and even diabetes. Since we know the link between endorphins and exercise, we want to know, can exercise help with anxiety? An upsetting revelation...

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I don’t know many people who do not suffer with headaches now and again. In fact, as I write this, I am about to start with my natural remedies to help me get through the day in less pain! Because I myself have a headache. Whether it is because of the change in season,...

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Keys to long term health and fitness

For many people, getting/staying healthy and fit is a painful experience. It involves deprivation, mental challenges, and even sometimes physical pain. This is why our country continues to get less and less healthy despite more and more health resources. But what if it didn’t have to be painful? What if the process wasn’t dreadful?...

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