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Choosing the best coach for you

I have come across so many articles recently with this as the exact topic. From blog posts, to magazine articles to even podcasts! I didn’t place much importance on it and thought everyone was just riding off writing based on other hot topics in the industry. In fact, this was before the New Year,...

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Progress Pictures

Are progress pictures motivating or do they push you further away from your goals? If you google search progress pictures you will be bombarded with transformation pictures as well as information as to how to take the best most helpful shot. I must say, there is quite an art to it! The correct lighting,...

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How do you track your progress?

There are so many ways to track your progress aside from just using the scale.The scale is so limiting in showing you how far you have come. There are many factors that affect this form such as meals filled with sodium, hormonal imbalance and less/more water intake. Changes in training, menstrual cycle, having flu...

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