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Taking the best progress photo’s

Having a conversation with a friend this morning reminded us both how distorted social media can be. Not only do many of the images make us feel a little down on our bodies. And possibly our health and fitness journey. But also it never really speaks to the struggles overcome to get to those places....

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Breathing for better health and fitness

Did you know that how you breathe when training can affect not only your performance but your overall health? So how exactly should we be breathing for better health? Well most of us don’t breathe properly, just look at how rushed our days are and how busy our minds can be. We never take a...

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Why is recovery so important?

I believe we all know that rest and recovery is so important in the process of reaching certain fitness goals Yet so many of us still over train and feel guilty for taking a day off! Do you know when your body gets stronger and repairs torn muscles (i.e. grows)? When we rest! And obviously...

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I see so many women struggling to find their passion in life, to find their true purpose. What direction is your career going? Is it moving as you want it to? Or do you feel so out of alignment that you are desperately seeking more? Maybe you haven’t worked for years but now feel the...

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Sleep and Fat Loss

Sleep and fat loss efforts We all know that weight loss comes down to being in a calorie deficit. However, sometimes it can be more of a struggle depending on what your body is going through. I am sure some of you have experienced this firsthand, when you have had an awful night of sleep...

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