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Trying to quit sugar

With the lockdown came a lot of time at home. But what does this have to do with trying to quit sugar? With a lot of time at home, and possibly less busy days came a lot of thinking and soul searching. Maybe this brought on anxiety and more time following the news. Less...

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Master your mindset

No one likes to change their habits. So if you want to change your lifestyle habits, you need a strong motive – something to keep you going when boredom sets in. This is the art of how to master your mindset. Finding a motive that is meaningful to you and is a strong purpose....

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How to create healthier habits

Habits are learned over time by repeated activities. Sometimes an activity becomes such a habit that you don’t even realize you’re doing it. Think about when you were young, and your parents made you brush your teeth every morning before going to school. Then again every evening before going to bed. Brushing your teeth...

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