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I see so many women struggling to find their passion in life, to find their true purpose. What direction is your career going? Is it moving as you want it to? Or do you feel so out of alignment that you are desperately seeking more? Maybe you haven’t worked for years but now feel...

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Conquer your fitness goals!

Chasing the perfect plan will get you nowhere! Mastering consistency will get you everywhere. I have seen so many people bouncing from one coach to the next, from one online plan to the next. Yes, this may keep you excited and keep your training interesting, but it doesn’t allow for real results. Have you...

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Progress Pictures

Are progress pictures motivating or do they push you further away from your goals? If you google search progress pictures you will be bombarded with transformation pictures as well as information as to how to take the best most helpful shot. I must say, there is quite an art to it! The correct lighting,...

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