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The Fitness Pyramid

I read a really interesting article this past weekend, and it completely resonated with me! Are you someone who likes to train all sorts of ways every week? Do you struggle to figure out what todo and when? As well as the why you should add that particular training in? Let me try clear...

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Sprinting for Glute Development?

So many of us focus on heavy lifting for glute growth.And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, but you may be doing yourself a disservice if you exclude this part of training:SprintsIf you look back a couple of weeks you will remember the importance of HIIT and plyometric training for leaning out your...

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How can I lean out my legs?

If someone isn’t asking how to grow their glutes, then they are asking how to lean out their legs. These two can be achieved at the same time but not very successfully. Let me explain:   When you want to grow your glutes and legs, you need to be performing heavier exercises with longer...

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