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Two days to 2021 – and a better start

The holiday season allows your mind and body time to slow down To unwind and really enjoy some much-needed rest after a hustle and bustle year. And now with two days to 20121 – a better start might be what’s on your mind? I personally preach doing whatever it is you need to do, and...

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How to stop overeating on junk food

Oh boy! If there is one thing lockdown has done, it made many of us reach for comforting junk food. Instead of healthier more filling food options. Then our tips for how to stop overeating on junk food are well timed! This could be a little presumptuous. Maybe you were the person who took on...

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Build that booty

There are enough booty building blogs, articles and books out there right!? Well, maybe, but have you paid enough attention to them? Do you really know how to build that booty? When this blog first started, the first few weeks were focused solely on helping you wonderful ladies understand glute anatomy. And how to truly...

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I don’t know many people who do not suffer with headaches now and again. In fact, as I write this, I am about to start with my natural remedies to help me get through the day in less pain! Because I myself have a headache. Whether it is because of the change in season, the...

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