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Control your portions to control your waistline.

If you’re a perpetual fad dieter, you’ll be familiar with strict eating regimes which have you cutting out whole food groups and cutting back drastically on portion sizes. Whether you’re cutting out carbs one month and cutting down fat the next, you just can’t seem to hack these types of diets and several weeks later...

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6 pack for summer – after lockdown

Imagine this… Lockdown ends, you start wearing your favourite clothes again and realize your body isn’t quite where you had hopped it might be. No 6 pack for summer ladies? Clothes might feel tighter, your body moves a little slower and you just don’t feel as confident as you used to. Lockdown has been tough...

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Hip Dips and Thigh Gaps

Our body shape is our body shape, full stop. exclamation mark! CAPITAL LETTERS! Our skeleton, or rather internal framework cannot be changed no matter what influencers are telling you. Don’t let the workouts to ‘fix’ your hips dips and thigh gaps fool you. I love the fact that we all want to work on reshaping,...

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Master your mindset

No one likes to change their habits. So if you want to change your lifestyle habits, you need a strong motive – something to keep you going when boredom sets in. This is the art of how to master your mindset. Finding a motive that is meaningful to you and is a strong purpose. It...

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