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Hip Dips and Thigh Gaps

Our body shape is our body shape, full stop. exclamation mark! CAPITAL LETTERS! Our skeleton, or rather internal framework cannot be changed no matter what influencers are telling you. Don’t let the workouts to ‘fix’ your hips dips and thigh gaps fool you. I love the fact that we all want to work on...

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Master your mindset

No one likes to change their habits. So if you want to change your lifestyle habits, you need a strong motive – something to keep you going when boredom sets in. This is the art of how to master your mindset. Finding a motive that is meaningful to you and is a strong purpose....

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How Cherise lost 30kg and found a healthy relationship with food

It’s easy to find inspiration in the South African fitness industry. There’s success stories everywhere. Real life men and women who lose weight and use their stories to inspire. But Cherise has always inspired me just that little bit more. Maybe it’s the fact that she has kept the weight off, maybe its that...

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