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Two days to 2021 – and a better start

The holiday season allows your mind and body time to slow down To unwind and really enjoy some much-needed rest after a hustle and bustle year. And now with two days to 20121 – a better start might be what’s on your mind? I personally preach doing whatever it is you need to do, and...

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Simple Self Care tips for your health

With all of our to-dos in life it starts to feel really silly and unnecessary to add in self-care. It can actually feel downright selfish to even add simple self care tips for your health. My top tips for using self-care to heal is all included in an E-book available to my clients. But I...

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Can Exercise Help With Anxiety?

Anxiety is on the rise worldwide. The real worry is that, not only is anxiety debilitating as you experience it. But it can increase your risk for depression, heart disease and even diabetes. Since we know the link between endorphins and exercise, we want to know, can exercise help with anxiety? An upsetting revelation with...

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Inflammation and how to reduce it

Inflammation is something that is widely spoken about. We talk about inflammation in terms of how we are feeling (i.e. puffy, retaining water). Or how our skin looks and even when we talk about bloating, am I right? I have personally struggled most of my life with chronic inflammation, and unfortunately it can be something...

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I don’t know many people who do not suffer with headaches now and again. In fact, as I write this, I am about to start with my natural remedies to help me get through the day in less pain! Because I myself have a headache. Whether it is because of the change in season, the...

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