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Keys to long term health and fitness

For many people, getting/staying healthy and fit is a painful experience. It involves deprivation, mental challenges, and even sometimes physical pain. This is why our country continues to get less and less healthy despite more and more health resources. But what if it didn’t have to be painful? What if the process wasn’t dreadful? What...

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Are you starving?

This sounds extreme but I am sure so many of you have heard this term used before. Are you starving, are you new to the term ‘starvation mode’, what exactly does it mean? Starvation mode is a term many of us coaches or those in the fitness industry use. It is meant to describe a...

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The Menstrual Cycle and Training – what you need to know

I want to make this plain and simple, this has actually been a hot topic lately and you can find information everywhere. How should your training and eating change during your menstrual cycle? Do you notice your energy changing, your hunger levels peaking and more aches and pains? Quick science summary for those who don’t...

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Should you supplement your training?

I am finding a lot of ladies asking me this daily Whether it really is that important to supplement our diets and gym training. You may take Vitamin C through winter, but do you really need all the other goodies? And would Vitamin C be so much more important than everything else? First things first,...

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What is the best diet?

Considering what diet to follow might leave you with more questions than answers! Clean eating, IIFYM, flexible dieting, intuitive eating, meal plans and more! Does the weight loss industry confuse you? There are so many options and theories to follow that it becomes almost impossible to decide. What is the best diet that is going...

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