THRUST PAD – barbell pad



THRUST barbell pads are designed to reduce the risk of injury by evenly distributing the weight of a barbell across your back and shoulders or hips.

Ergonomically designed, high density foam which is anti-slip and light-weight. If you want to lift heavy without the discomfort our THRUST barbell pad is the perfect gym accessory for you.

Available in black or red NOW INCLUDING a carry case


Made from high density foam and ergonomically designed, Thrust pads are the perfect gym accessory to help you lift more and avoid unnecessary discomfort when using a barbell. The unique shape was designed to relieve strain and pressure on the groin area during hip thrusts and on the spine during barbell back squats, lunges etc. Thrust by FFG is unique and a first of its kind barbell protector pad in SA with this shape and this quality. If you’re tired of the tatty, sweaty and missing barbell pads in your gym, why not get your own! Thrust by FFG protector pads will help you lift more weight and decrease the discomfort of a heavy bar, plus they look stylish too.

Thrust barbell protector pads come with two straps that easily fasten with a clip to keep the pad in place but are completely optional, the design of Thrust by FFG fits perfectly around a barbell as is. If you’re fed up with cumbersome mats or shabby looking barbell wraps than this is for you! ALSO now it comes with a handy carry case!


black, red

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