Kick Strap – The foot straps for better kick backs!


Kick Strap is a specially designed strap used to better isolate and target your hamstrings and glutes during kickbacks. By taking the weight off your ankle and placing it at the heel of the foot, you get better drive back – to really isolate the targeted muscles! Now with an added side ring for inner and outer thigh exercises too

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Kick Strap by Fit Farm Girl is another product in our expanding range – once again we are targeting the booty with these high quality foot straps. Designed to fit comfortably on your shoe with adjustable sizing in a convenient velcro strip. The ring at the front attaches to a cable (or tubular resistance band) to perform multiple variations of kick backs. The reason these straps are unlike the conventional ankle straps is because the majority of the weight is no longer resting on your ankle. The isolation in your hamstrings and glutes is much greater which means better activation and better burn baby 😉


The Kick Straps are sold in pairs and now have an added side ring! Perfect for standing and bench full R.O.M kickbacks as well as standing donkey kickbacks and seated hamstring curls. Now also add abductor and adductor exercises by changing the strap to the other foot 😉

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