FFG Booty Project – The best booty building ebook


The FFG Booty Project as a booty building ebook like no other. Learn how to grow your glutes with 6 weeks dedicated to building a shapely peach. This ebook will teach you:

-How much volume the glutes require for growth

– Notes on tempo and progressive overload

-Dietary considerations for muscle growth


This is a booty buidling ebook but the weeks are structured to include 1-2 upper body workouts per week. Basically we have your workouts covered for the next six weeks.

But you haven’t heard the best part yet! When you purchase the FFG Booty Project, you will be given access to exclusive videos showing you have to execute the correct technique.

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What to expect

Glute and hamstring focused workouts

Loads of volume and attention to technique, TEMPO and form

Exclusive video access for ALL lower body exercises

4 to 6 workouts per week

Additional upper body days for variety

Optional cardio and abs days

Detailed guidelines for diet as well as layout meals and macro tracking examples*

Perfect if you are quad dominant because the exercises focus on glutes and hammies

Tips to warm up and activate the glutes prior to workouts


In the FFG Booty Project you will find:

Heavy weights, HIIT, Plyometrics, Machine exercises, Banded exercises etc

Additionally we recommend the use of a Kick Strap and Thrust Pad (but they are optional)

Check the ebook and other combos available here


*please note the FFG Booty Project does not contain one specific diet. Two detailed diet examples are given for 2000 and 2250 calories (these can be adjusted to suit you) but a calorie maintenance or surplus is highly recommended.


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