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FAQ’s (Frequently asked questions)

When are we restocking?

It is not always possible to give a restock date as there are many factors involved – and dates are subject to change. If we have a confirmed date we may give you a heads up on our IG account @fitbandsza or we might send out a mailer to those signed up to the mailing list! Visit our home page if you want to sign up. Please know that there are no guarantees that we will stock items (specific colours/styles etc) again. Fit Farm Girl pty ltd reserves the right to discontinue any item(s) at any time.

How do I know which resistance strength to choose?

This is a very individual question and depends on your fitness level and more so your intention with the bands. None of the bands are ideal for upper body exercises, only lower body.

See the suggestions here. If you intend to use the band for

  • Home workouts without other equipment – super heavy is recommended
  • Gym workouts with/without other equipment – heavy or super heavy
  • Purely for glute activation prior to exercise – heavy or medium*
  • To improve form on squats/deadlifts and leg press (intermediate/advanced fitness level) – heavy or super heavy
  • To improve form on squats/deadlifts and leg press (beginner fitness level) – heavy
  • *Rehabilitation exercise or if you have had some kind of lower body injury in the past – medium

When the Ankle Bands (Fit Bands V2.0) are concerned.

Medium again, is VERY light and ideal for lower body rehab OR for upper body exercises.

Heavy and Super heavy are only for lower body exercises. Please remove your shoes first before slipping the band over your feet. The ankle bands work best with pulsing movements.

Can I wash my Fit Band?

Yes you can! COLD wash only with a mild detergent. We highly recommend placing your band in a laundry bag or pillow case tied closed. Allow to dry naturally – DO NOT tumble dry

How long will the delivery take?

Deliveries are usually collected Monday, Wednesday and Friday. Delivery happens via Dawn Wing and parcel is delivered to your door (home or work depending on the address given) during business hours. No postal addresses may be given. The type of delivery is ‘economy cargo’ which means that main centers in and around Johannesburg, Durban and Cape Town for example will receive their parcels first. Outlying areas can take longer – we reserve the right to use an alternative courier for regional areas which can delay arrival. The tracking number will be given to you once the parcel is sent. Please email if you have concerns.

Payment options?

You are able to pay via direct bank transfer – our banking details will be given to you and you will make the payment through your online banking away from the official ‘by Fit Farm Girl’ site. These orders will be cancelled if not paid within 24 hours so please be sure to pay right away. The payment will only reflect on the system once it is in our bank account – Please note

NO atm payments will be accepted into this account.

Proof of payment must be sent to from the bank.

NO screenshots will be accepted.

The other method is through ‘Payfast‘ which is our chosen payment gateway. It is secure and fast, be sure to have your bank card details available when doing the transaction to make things easier. The payment will reflect on our system almost immediately. Please note some banks require and OTP (one time pin) when making internet payments.

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