The ‘By Fit Farm Girl’ timeline

Since we have a lot of new followers, I thought I’d share the journey of our brand – By Fit Farm Girl! Thank you to all my customers, supporters, ambassadors and representatives! You ALL have a special place in my heart 30th April – Made the first announcement of Fit Bands by Fit Farm...

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Benefits of using a Fit Band

These high-quality material resistance loop bands are designed to be used for lower body training to increase glute activation. They can be used in the gym or at home with a wide range of applications. Fit Bands can be used in conjunction with machines in the gym or on their own, during boot camps...

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Goal Setting and Managing Expectations

Let’s talk about managing goals and weight-loss expectations. I’ve seen – on a few occasions – and more so recently, people who are just starting their weight-loss or transformation journey say things like – “I want to be a fitness model” Or “I’m going to be the next Paige Hathaway” Or “I will compete...

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