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Are you addicted?

Today we’re talking caffeine dependence.. Too many people swear that they cannot live or function without that morning cup of coffee. Are you one of them? We see all the memes and hear all the jokes, but is it truly an addiction? Or just a dependence we have taught ourselves? The National Institute of...

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Keys to long term health and fitness

For many people, getting/staying healthy and fit is a painful experience. It involves deprivation, mental challenges, and even sometimes physical pain. This is why our country continues to get less and less healthy despite more and more health resources. But what if it didn’t have to be painful? What if the process wasn’t dreadful?...

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Top Tips for holiday eating

It’s that time of year again! The season for joy, connection, and celebration. If you are anything like me then you love this season because this time comes with lots of rest and downtime, family time and fun training time. But also, It’s prime season for eating. Everyone knows how common it is to...

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I see so many women struggling to find their passion in life, to find their true purpose. What direction is your career going? Is it moving as you want it to? Or do you feel so out of alignment that you are desperately seeking more? Maybe you haven’t worked for years but now feel...

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