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Hip Dips and Thigh Gaps

Our body shape is our body shape, full stop. exclamation mark! CAPITAL LETTERS! Our skeleton, or rather internal framework cannot be changed no matter what influencers are telling you. Don’t let the workouts to ‘fix’ your hips dips and thigh gaps fool you. I love the fact that we all want to work on...

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Inflammation and how to reduce it

Inflammation is something that is widely spoken about. We talk about inflammation in terms of how we are feeling (i.e. puffy, retaining water). Or how our skin looks and even when we talk about bloating, am I right? I have personally struggled most of my life with chronic inflammation, and unfortunately it can be...

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Trying to quit sugar

With the lockdown came a lot of time at home. But what does this have to do with trying to quit sugar? With a lot of time at home, and possibly less busy days came a lot of thinking and soul searching. Maybe this brought on anxiety and more time following the news. Less...

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