FAQ’s (Frequently asked questions)

When are we restocking?

It is not always possible to give a restock date as there are many factors involved – and dates are subject to change. If we have a confirmed date we may give you a heads up on our IG account @fitbandsza or we might send out a mailer to those signed up to the mailing list! Visit our home page if you want to sign up.

How do I know which resistance strength to choose?

This is a very individual question and depends on your fitness level and more so your intention with the bands. None of the bands are ideal for upper body exercises, only lower body.

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Can I wash my Fit Band?

Yes you can! COLD wash only with a mild detergent. We highly recommend placing your band in a laundry bag or pillow case tied closed. Allow to dry naturally – DO NOT tumble dry

Payment options

The only method we accept payments through is ‘Payfast‘. It is our chosen payment gateway and is secure and fast. Within the payfast interface you can do a card payment (credit or debit as long as it is set up for online payments), instant eft, and snapper. Be sure to have your bank card details available when doing the transaction via card payment to make things easier. The payment will reflect on our system almost immediately. Please note, some banks require and OTP (one-time pin) when making internet payments. We have chosen this as the exclusive payment method due to it being secure and instant. Payfast does require good internet signal, should your payment time out or refresh you may need to complete the order (and payment) again. Some people find doing this on a PC much better. We are always available for questions on email at orders@byfitfarmgirl.com

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