Your fitness journey doesn’t have to be perfect

Fitness progress is not linear..

Meaning it isn’t just a straight line from point A to point B. Your fitness journey doesn’t have to be perfect, in fact its unlikely that it will be. Not only is your progress going to ebb and flow, but so will your dedication and your goals. All of this is fine.

I remember when I used to believe that ‘fitness’ was about bikini and body building competitions.

That there was two seasons to fitness, bulking and cutting. Bulking up in terms of building muscle – which in reality for many women was actually about piling on fat. Due to following an extremely restricted diet during the cutting season. Where you’d get lean and mean to rock a sparkling bikini on stage.

Let’s get some things straight, there can be three defined ‘seasons’ when it comes to body goals – building muscle, losing fat or weight maintenance. And there is most definitely healthier, more sustainable ways to do all three. It’s not impossible to do one or more at the same time BUT it’s challenging and I wouldn’t recommend it.

That being said, fitness for me is more than where your body fat is sitting.

Fitness is about your physical fitness, as in your endurance and stamina – usually developed by your cardiovascular habits

And fitness is about your health and wellbeing – do you have a healthy heart and organs and skin/hair?

Lastly fitness is also in your mindset. Is your mind ‘fit’ and sharp?

When I say your fitness journey doesn’t have to be perfect, I want you to understand that our definition of fitness is different. Your and my definition may be very different. But that doesn’t mean it will be perfect or at least that you will adhere to it perfectly forever. Even sustainable plans will not be adhered to forever, because goal posts in fitness change.

So what is the point to all of this..

The point is that obviously your fitness journey doesn’t have to be perfect. That isn’t what the aim should be. Your fitness journey is as unique as you are. With your goals and dreams and abilities and lifestyle and circumstances. Comparing it to anyone else’s journey would be futile. And trying to look like someone else or diet and train like someone else would be futile.

That’s one of the reasons we try have a wide variety of products

We know all of you are different and all of you want different things. I think we should celebrate this fact. We should also honor our own bodies and our own uniqueness.. We should pick foods and workouts and exercise equipment that is right for US, as individuals. Maybe that can be something to work on this year – in our fitness journey and beyond.

Keep your chin up and let’s keep moving forward, perfection is a myth, lets make 2021 about effort

Much love



Camella Sanders is the owner and founder of Fit Farm Girl. For business inspiration, follow her on IG @camella.sanders

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