Festive Season Wind-Down

Everyone is winding down for the year

You can feel the festive season is certainly upon us even with the crazy challenges we are facing as a nation. Now is the time to allow your mind and body the space to recover and refuel! The festive season wind down is important for you mentally and physically.

I certainly started 2020 on a serious low

And at some points was even super grateful I was given the opportunity to work from home. Crazy right!? Well, this time around I refuse to let that happen, and as busy, stressful and all-round crazy this season can be I really believe we should take this time to listen to heart, body and soul.

We have also been given even more of a reason to sit still with the festive lockdown regulations, and I am pretty sure we all differ in how we feel about it but maybe it is a blessing for burn out sufferers. Here are a few things to take in mind as we end 2020 madness:

Spending time with loved ones that you either see all the time or never see can be overwhelming.

Take the space that you need, attend the dinners and events as you feel you can handle and use every second wisely. Mental health is all important right now.

Focus on gratitude, this takes away stress and overwhelm

And instead helps you focus on the now of what is and how far you have come. It keeps you strong and happy. Be grateful for getting through this year with grace and health. Whatever that gratitude looks like, in this festive season of overabundance, use it to your benefit. What you focus on expands.

Stick to the habits you have implemented.

Any changes you have made over the year for the best of your health and fitness journey shouldn’t be forgotten now. The positive changes should be for a LIFESTYLE for a LIFETIME. I know it may be difficult to have the exact schedule you have followed up until these holiday days, but if you have promised yourself that fitness, healthy eating or anything else is an important part of your life now then make sure it is!

I love using this time to do exercises I haven’t tried in a while, to allow my body a de-load and go lighter in weights and just have serious fun in the gym again without pressure of performance.

In addition to the above,

do note that healthy eating and movement are a huge part of of the way our body can cope. As well as handle stress/overwhelm. More so, keeping to some form of ‘healthy normality’ can certainly help you mentally this crazy season!

On that note, be sure to follow our instagram page for live workouts and more, plus check out the hashtag #IAmStayingFit2020 and use it! We are giving away prizes and helping you keep fit throughout the festive season.

Now that is a win win!


Isilda Da Costa is a personal trainer and women’s fitness specialist who, if she isn’t at the gym training, is busy researching the most up to date information for growing those muscles. She has combined her love of everything healthy by being a health coach in her own health shop in Swaziland. Follow along on @izzy.wellness

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