Mastering Your Mind

In the big game of achieving your goals;

Six packs, triathlons and beyond. There is only one thing that can truly get you to where you need to be and that thing is your mind! Mastering your mind is the key to success

Understanding that your thoughts determine your environment. And that you can command your thoughts, is the first step to mastering your mind. However, committing to a daily routine of developing mental and emotional strength is something else entirely. It takes discipline, character, and patience.

The idea that we can just manifest what we want is a little misguided.

What is holding us back?

Not just from taking inspired action but from actually achieving. It’s focusing on worry and stress, eating the wrong foods and being in toxic relationships. The worst still, living with limiting beliefs that have been with you since childhood. These are not removed overnight.

It can take years to rid yourself of certain thoughts and ideas. You have to be constantly vigilant about what you are thinking and what you are consuming.

Thankfully, there are many ways to increase your mental and emotional power.

And it has never been easier to embark on a campaign of self-development than it is today. With so many resources at your disposal, especially with the internet and instant communications. We have all of the tools. We just need some willpower and determination.

One basic way to build mental strength is with an exercise routine.

Write out your goals and objectives and see if you can stick with them. This might seem like very basic and fundamental advice. But both diet and exercise provide valuable insights into our behavior. They are the two foundational modalities that mental strength can be built upon. If you do not keep track of the fundamentals you will run into difficulties later on.

Mastering our mind while staring at a TV all day and eating ice cream is just not realistic. Diet and exercise can be used to build a strong character and a healthy body and mind.

Diet is another place to start developing mental strength.

I think we all understand that we will function better without caffeine, sugar, ice-cream, and other processed products. Yet many people cannot go a single week without those items which clearly disturb mental well-being. Try and see if you can leave certain detrimental foods for a week. If you don’t stick to it, try and examine why this is the case.

You will begin to realize how affected you are by the environment. How just being in a shop or entering a restaurant caused you to act instinctively. Buying items that you knew were unhealthy. In other words, your environment determined your behavior.

Try to manipulate your environment first.

In this way, you will be taking away the opportunity to fail. Manipulating the environment for mental strength will mean that you make use of the concept of minimalism. The less information and distractions you have in general, the clearer your mind will be. So clean your room and your office, even the files on your laptop. This will have a positive impact on your mental wellbeing.

People who tend to hoard items find fresh mental energy when they let go of their many possessions and send them to the trash.

Limit the time you spend on television and switch off your phone at night.

Even things like making your bed in the morning and spending some time out in nature can really help to get your mind in order. It means that we can change external objects and situations that will positively reflect on our internal state, and vice versa.

Top take away: Mastering your environment leads to mastering your mind.

Let me know if this helps in any way!



Isilda Da Costa is a personal trainer and women’s fitness specialist who, if she isn’t at the gym training, is busy researching the most up to date information for growing those muscles. She has combined her love of everything healthy by being a health coach in her own health shop in Swaziland. Follow along on @izzy.healthandfitness

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