How Cherise lost 30kg and found a healthy relationship with food

It’s easy to find inspiration in the South African fitness industry.

There’s success stories everywhere. Real life men and women who lose weight and use their stories to inspire. But Cherise has always inspired me just that little bit more. Maybe it’s the fact that she has kept the weight off, maybe its that she shares as many of her struggles as she does her victories.

Whatever it is, I know Cherise is someone we should be paying attention to. She shares evidence based principles and remains as humble as the girl next door. We caught up with Cherise to ask her some burning questions we had, we hope you enjoy!

For those who don’t know who you are, can you tell us a little about yourself and what you do?

My name is Cherise and 6 years ago I decided that I needed to change my health for the better. I lost over 30kg and managed to keep the weight off while continually changing my body composition. I’ve made it my passion and career to help other people like myself by coaching mostly women to healthier versions of themselves.

How did you get into the health/wellness industry? Was it your aim to be published and why do you think people connect to you?

I always wanted to be in a magazine but I didn’t think that I was pretty enough. But I got into the industry because of my transformation. After being fooled by the diet industry with all of their quick fixes for so long.

I wanted to try and be the change to teach women how it’s done in a healthy way.

You and Owen (your boyfriend) seem to work well together and offer a lot as a coaching ‘team’. What is it like to share this journey and lifestyle with him?

Owen is a great business partner and boyfriend. A lot of people don’t know how we spend so much time together but he compliments me as a person, perfectly. Having the right kind of support by my side has really helped me through quite trivial times.

Support plays such an important role in life’s successes not in weight loss but also in all other things.

If you could go back and tell yourself the three principles for weightloss success, what would they be?

Be patient, it will not happen as fast as you’d like it to.

Slip ups are ok, you’re only human.

Learn as you go, knowledge is power

Tell us about your life outside of fitness, what does it look like?

I love food So I really enjoy taking trips out and trying new places. Balance has been a big thing for me the last couple of years because a weight loss journey can really consume you. Family and friends are super important to me and I’m a dog lover, I have two bull terriers which are my kids.

What was you experience with the modeling industry?

I’ve posted on my social media before about struggling with an eating disorder. I found the modeling industry started to ignite that again and so I made a decision to pull myself out of the most recent modeling show that I was prepping for.

My health comes first and I want to set a good example for women.

I felt a huge amount of pressure to drop weight in a small frame of time and I knew it was not healthy. So I decided to take some time off instead without a due date or a show day.

It felt like I needed a break mentally.

What are your plans for the future for you personally and for your business?

I would like to increase my reach and engagement (on social media). Hopefully grow Reforma Elite Online coaching quite substantially, but always stick to doing things the healthy way.

Personally, I still want to compete and improve my condition for shows.

If you had to do something outside of fitness, what would it be?

Probably something in photography or multimedia. It’s what I studied before personal training and nutrition but then my passion just grew more for fitness and health and I knew it was what I wanted to do.

Any message for those who are on their own journey of self love and health and happiness?

If you are not learning on your journey you will struggle to keep the weight off. Your Methods need to be sustainable and you need to enjoy your meals. It’s so important to maintain a healthy relationship with food for your mental health.

Do not let yourself fall into the trap of demonizing certain foods or food groups. You need them all for an overall balanced lifestyle.

What is your favourite muscle group to train?

I hate to sound cliche but glutes and hamstrings. About a year or so ago it was my most lagging body part and I’ve just fallen in love with making it stronger and more developed.


So there you have it! Some pretty inspirational stuff from Cherise. If you haven’t read the feature blog she did for us, check it out here. The biggest lesson I take from all of this is P-A-T-I-E-N-C-E. To have patience with the process but also with yourself. On that note, have an amazing week and we’ll catch up again soon

Name: Cherise Potgieter
Age: 27
Occupation: Online coach
Check her out on IG here 

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