How to MAXIMISE home training.

Is it time to start training at home?

With all the concerns around the Corona Virus and rather being safe than sorry – many people will go out less. This can also impact your trips to the gym, which can be a breeding ground for germs. Now we don’t subscribe to mass hysteria, but we thought what a great time to consider more home-based sessions. Of course, these can be implemented regardless of the season or outside factors. The most important thing we want to consider is how to maximise home training


Loads of people are sceptical of training at home because it does take more commitment, it is free after all. Plus, you aren’t exactly swiping your vitality card at your front door. But another big factor is intensity, can you really get a proper workout at home? I am happy to tell you that you absolutely can, even with limited equipment! So here are our tips for increasing intensity of home workouts and getting the most out of staying home to get sweaty!


You need space

I understand this can be limited but it is important to have enough space to do a workout. Trying to swing around a 5l water bottle in the broom cupboard not a very appealing thought, not to mention it will not be very effective. Don’t be afraid to move around some furniture (this is basically cardio babe) in the dining room or living room. If you can, why not take the workout to your garden, move around your yard furniture. Carving out a spot (even temporarily) where you have space to workout is going to make you feel more enthusiastic to sweat!


Have a plan and a good playlist

This goes for gym or home training – know what you are going to do and have music to pump you up. Ladies music is a big factor to helping you push, find something that really gets you amped! When it comes to a plan, you want to know what body part you’re working and at least have some idea for the actual exercises. Full body workouts are also a GREAT idea, but you should still have a plan!


A little bit of equipment goes a long way!

Yes, we sell all the home equipment you could need to maximise a home training workout, but you need to know how to maximise what you have. So, take into consideration the space you have and what you can fit in there. For most people who don’t have space (or the finances) for weights, bars and cardio equipment it’s all about working smart.

A jump rope (skipping rope) is literally the only cardio you will need – ever. Perfect for between sets or to warm up or end off.

Resistance bands are obviously on the list. But in all seriousness, they take up so little space and can be SUPER effective for getting a burn. Especially without weights available for things like squats, hip thrusts, kick-backs etc. We have so many different options!

Something heavy to throw around. Ok so you might have a medicine ball or kettlebell right? But if not, you can always use a 5l water bottle and fill it with water. Even some weight in addition to body weight can take your workout from easy-peasy to pass-out-sweaty! It’s a big time to mention you may feel like a complete embarrassment tossing a water bottle around in your living room – BUT this is about you and your goals. You do you despite opinions of others,k?


Workout with intention

Lets be honest, most times we think we have good intention but we lose interest. I really think this happens when our intentions aren’t right – for example working out because we want to burn calories. Like punishing yourself for eating too much food. Not only is this ineffective (exercise doesn’t really burn as many calories as you think) but its not a great mental space to be in. Exercise should be fun, something you WANT to do, not have to do. Ladies, exercise is good for you – mentally, physically and emotionally. Find your true ‘why’ and then putting in the effort is not as much effort. If you really want to maximise home training, it is going to start with the right mindset!


Most of the tips above can easily be given for gym workouts too. The difference is that at home, you don’t have anyone looking at you, you don’t have to pay. And you might just find the environment less competitive – which can make you less likely to get it done. Coming from someone who trained at home for 4 years while competing in bikini comps, please know it is possible. With the right attitude you can have epic home workouts. Ones that leave you in a puddle on the floor. Maybe it’s time to challenge yourself to a few home sessions?


If you’re considering working out from home on the regular, why not check out our 4 Week Shape Up Solution ebook. The workouts are great for gym or home and they are super effective, with minimal equipment!


Yours in Health and Fitness


Camella Sanders is the owner and founder of Fit Farm Girl. For business inspiration, follow her on IG @camella.sanders

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