Goals and Weight Loss – how to shift your perspective

In my life time, I’ve come across many different types of people. Rich, poor, educated, uneducated, driven and not driven.

I get asked how I accomplished my weight loss. How did I keep the weight off? How did I get my will power to where it is today?

A very small part of the world set goals properly.

Before I continue this topic I have a question for you. In school we all did the business plan project. Where we had to create a business plan for a business model. So my question to you: If we walked into a bank and asked for funding for a business idea would they grant you that funding without a detailed business plan? No. So why should a weight loss journey be any different.

I always have an idea of what I’m working towards and this drives me to work harder. This has helped me to maintain where I am today. I always push myself towards that.

Goals are important.

If you don’t set them, you’ll have no direction in life, how can you work towards something if there’s nothing to work towards? Even saying that I would like to maintain is setting a goal. SO many people struggle with knowing how to set weigh loss goals. Show me one successful person who sets no form of a goal/s. When I have no goal in mind I waste my time. Time is our most valuable commodity as it’s the one thing on this planet that we can’t put a price on as we don’t know how much of it we have left. If you have no goal, you will most likely find yourself stagnating and not progressing until you set one.

Set a goals, big or small, turn it into a plan, action that plan and turn it into a reality.

Your goals are like your google maps for your life.

Can you arrive at a destination if you don’t know the way? You’ll probably take many wrong turns and get lost a long way. Without a goal, without a point of direction, your life will be the same.  You need to know where you want to go in order to get there. Otherwise you will aimlessly be working towards nothing.

When I started my weight loss journey I knew where I wanted to be.

Stuck and lost was not what I wanted and so I set achievable goals for myself of different kinds short, medium, and long term and I’ve adhered to that. I didn’t achieve them all on time and that is also ok. It’s ok to not be perfect and not hit every goal but in order to be successful you need a plan and you need goals, you need direction as I stated previously. You need to know where you want to be headed and what it is that you want for yourself.

You need to know how to set weight loss goals where it’s not just about weight loss.

Being kind to yourself is also important. Not applying too much pressure is vital for your mental health. I guarantee mistakes, I guarantee that you will fall off track but these are not reasons to give up, instead these are opportunities to learn more along the way.

When we were in school and wrote tests, the teachers went through tests with us so that we could learn where we went wrong. This is something we should be doing in life when things go wrong, learn to learn from the mistakes that you make.  Learn from each and every pitfall that life puts you through.

Don’t throw in the towel and give up.

You control all of your reactions. This is how you make your mind stronger, this is how you get through trauma, this is how you determine your progression. This is how you reclaim your future.

You have new opportunity every day to grow, evolve and to realign yourself with the path that you want to take to achieve those goals.

Your life will not change on a Monday, it will not change on the first of January.

Your life will change when you decide to change it, your life will change when you put in the work to change it.  I went on so many diets in my life time. My first diet was when I was in grade 3! I rebounded and gained weight each and every time. So what changed? What was different about this last time? GOALS, DRIVE, DILIGENCE AND CONSISTENT WORK.

My long term goal is to maintain my weight loss and to improve each and every day. There is always a goal that I have insight.

Weight loss goals are not just photo-shoots and shows. No, goals can be anything even if it’s just something as follows:
1. I want to love myself.
2. I want to be healthy.
3. I want to go to the gym and be confident.
4. I want to be consistent.

Setting realistic goals is also a vital part of goal setting. If you set goals that aren’t realistic and you don’t achieve them, this can result in you wanting to give up.

So learn to be real with yourself. Learn to start believing in yourself, because you are going to have to learn how to be your biggest cheerleader. You need to scream your name the loudest to get yourself to that end goal.


weight loss
Name: Cherise PotgieterAge: 27
Occupation: Online coach
I have always struggled tremendously with my weight. I went on my first diet in grade 3. This resulted in a very poor relationship with food, and a life long struggle to maintain my weight loss goals. Between all my diets stints I also developed an eating disorder where I was bulimic and took laxatives to try and lose weight.
It wasn’t until I started to learn more about healthy eating and exercise that I started to understand how weight loss worked and how to keep the weight off. It is now my passion and career to help people like my old self to improve their health and lifestyles while learning along the way.



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