Clearing your space for a productive life

Most of us have no idea of the connection between our energy and the space we are in.

Creating a clean, sacred spaced in your home will go a long way. In decluttering your mind and energy for living life.
Have you noticed feeling a deep need to clear up, spring clean, and just recreate your space. That need to be clearing out and organising. The point is, we don’t realise how much clutter and dirt can dampen our soul, our spirit and our general focus and energy.

Stress and anxiety are a normal part of life, anxiety being more for some than others. When your life around you is disorganized and cluttered then you are only adding to that stress – without being conscious of it. Prioritize your home, the different spaces and what gets stored where. The same goes for your car and your office desk. Having a clearer work and living area will make getting to the gym, finishing chores and other tasks so much easier! Never mind the ease with which you will find you can tackle tasks. Like meal prepping, planning your training and other important areas of your life when there is more structure around you.

Have you also noticed how a beautiful space can motivate and uplift you?

There is research to prove that a person can be more productive and less depressed if they surround themselves with beautiful things. The energy of the area becomes you so whether it be removing clutter or adding beautiful things
to your space just know it is a lot deeper than just aesthetic. Basically clearing out the space around you allows you room to grow.

Sorting out the clutter today will make a huge difference in your life so here are some ways to do that:

Office: keep your desk as clutter free as possible, keep certain most used items at arms reach. If you are someone who needs motivation then surround yourself with quotes, on sticky notes or actual framed art. Keep your office well lit, this is always happier more productive energy than a dark room. One thing I really like in my home office is candles! Lighting candles when I am about to coach or write content helps center me and keeps me positive.

Bedroom: your room is your scared space, keep your air pure by adding lots of plants (natural greenery). Dimmer lights are a great option for the end of the day to start slowing your mind down. Keep your cupboards neat! You will be amazed at how much better you sleep when your clothes are organized and closed! Cozy blankets and bedding go a long way in creating a restful mood and adding things like essential oils and diffusers as well as air purifiers can help keep your room calm and a soulful retreat after a long day.

This may seem like an out the norm type of blog post, but a few shifts in your surroundings will help keep you on track for your 2020 goals! Check out Marie Kondo for more clearing out/organizing tips.



Isilda Da Costa is a personal trainer and women’s fitness specialist who, if she isn’t at the gym training, is busy researching the most up to date information for growing those muscles. She has combined her love of everything healthy by being a health coach in her own health shop in Swaziland. Follow along on @izzy.healthandfitness

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