Why use our Kick Straps?

Our Fit Farm Girl Kick straps were designed from scratch – purely to improve my cable kick back experience. I saw so many people performing cable kick backs incorrectly. Loads of coaches recommending cable kick backs for glute and hamstring development, but their clients are not seeing the difference.

My main frustrations doing cable kick backs were:

  • Poor glute (and hamstring) engagement – my quads and calves were doing most of the work
  • Sore ankles after doing kick backs – those shoddy straps in the gym always made me cringe
  • Too much reliance on momentum to lift heavier weights – when doing kick backs you want to go heavy but you also want good form

All these issues related directly to the ankle straps available in the gym or sports stores. I thought, If the weight could be distributed off the ankle, it would help significantly. Why not take some weight underneath the foot too. In my mind this more accurately mimicked the cable kickback machine found in select gyms.

And so the idea of the Kick Strap was born.

Using heavy duty stitching to withstand large loads, the Kick Strap design was soon perfected. After weeks of samples and sizing issues, a missed launch (which most people didn’t even know about) we finally had it. The velcro could stand up to wear and tear and the rings were solid and clean looking.

Sometimes we get tagged in videos where people use the kick straps for such unique exercises, I am beyond proud! How is this one.. Or this one? Having sold over 200 pairs of Kick Straps nationwide, we believe in our product 100%


Have you tried our Kick Straps? Let us know below, we’d love to hear what you think about it. If you haven’t bought a FFG Kick Strap, you are definitely missing out 😉



Owner and founder of By Fit Farm Girl


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