Body Acceptance

It seems nowadays everyone is talking about body acceptance.

It feels as though it is an exclusive space, for those few privileged who have it all. How can their thoughts not be consumed with how they look. Or how their clothes fit and what people say about their bodies? It seems so far out there and impossible right?

Wouldn’t you love to free up some mental space to be able to enjoy life, work, family and social life without being so consumed with outer appearance and thoughts of judgement? Wouldn’t you love to find the ‘body acceptance’ everyone is talking about? Well what if I told you it is possible! There is space for all of us to honor our bodies and what they can do and be grateful for every shape and size they chose to be in the moment.

Of course society makes this a difficult space for us to navigate.

We are bombarded with images of fitness models, competitors and lifestyle bloggers who make it all seem impossible and that we are failures for not being in shape and insanely fit. I know I post a lot of highlights myself, showing off my very genetically gifted abs which others may push themselves to try and achieve, forgetting that this is the genetics I have been blessed with and the result of dieting and very active days.

So how do we move past this?

And what does it really mean to be body positive or fully accepting of this vessel we have been given? In my eyes, it goes beyond what you see. Being body positive is absolutely appreciating your body for allowing you movement, for choosing that grilled fish over the burger that makes your tummy hurt. It is not beating yourself up when you have a glass of wine with your family. It is absolutely one hundred percent listening to your body, and not taking the bullshit your mind feeds it.

Wait a second, am I saying that body acceptance means calling out your own crap?? Hell yes! Oh boy I don’t look like she does in those jeans, or I wish I looked like that in a bikini. Stay in your own lane. Her body is different to yours, and guess what? It always will be! You are who you are, with your own gifts that you have to chose to appreciate and use. Let go of the comparison game, let go of your bullshit. Time to let go of feeling guilty for listening to your body, and let go of excuses in the same breath! You do you boo, never giving up.


The key to body acceptance..

First of all you should know what makes you feel good. Because if you don’t then that is a bit worrying! What sets your soul on fire? What gets you up in the morning and makes you smile? Focus more on that, do more of that. Fit in all the healthy meals that you actually enjoy, and not those ones that famous blogger said she loved. Chose the gym that makes you feel alive. Then you will be so high on the endorphins you will forget to look at the girl in her short shorts and perfect midsection. Makes sense right?

Make the best choices for you in this life. Not forgetting that this body is the only space you have to navigate your way through it. Treat it with respect and as though it is your best friend. Smile and fall into the deepest acceptance for your body. Do it for you, not me and not your loved ones but for you.

Love yourself lovely


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Isilda Da Costa is a personal trainer and women’s fitness specialist who, if she isn’t at the gym training, is busy researching the most up to date information for growing those muscles. She has combined her love of everything healthy by being a health coach in her own health shop in Swaziland. Follow along on @izzy.healthandfitness

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