Hip Dips and Thigh Gaps

Why aren’t we celebrating our body shape?

Our body shape is our body shape, full stop. exclamation mark! CAPITAL LETTERS etc. Hip dips and thigh gaps and all. I love the fact that we all want to work on reshaping, toning, building muscle and strength. But do you even realize that certain parts of our body structure are exactly that? Part of our structure! Not to be changed, and actually couldn’t be changed if we tried?

Two such examples give us trainers quite the headache..

These are hip dips and the ever sought-after thigh gaps. The way these two may appear/ present on your body all comes down to your pelvis shape. You may diet down and exercise until the cows come home but your hip structure will just not allow any changes. If it is fat you are holding in your lower body then fair enough. You may be able to burn some off and have something that resembles a thigh gap. However, if you have never had a thigh gap, at any lighter weight in your life? Then know that this is not something that you can change and hey! Even better, you won’t lose your phone when on the loo 😉

Hip dips should also be celebrated.

We may not like this ‘dimple’ look but it isn’t a representation of your health. It doesn’t mean we are more or less healthy than someone else. We should learn to love this look and learn to work with our body rather than against it. No amount of dieting and exercising will ever change that side hip dip. To be honest, I never even knew I had hip dips until social media started portraying that it is such a terrible look. And suggesting we need to workout to fix it. NEWSFLASH, we cannot fix it!

Thank goodness we all look different right?

Forget what social media and magazines tell you is acceptable. Even with or without hip dips or thigh gaps! You in your healthiest, happiest form is what should be appreciated and enjoyed to the max!





Isilda Da Costa is a personal trainer and women’s fitness specialist who, if she isn’t at the gym training, is busy researching the most up to date information for growing those muscles. She has combined her love of everything healthy by being a health coach in her own health shop in Swaziland. Follow along on @izzy.healthandfitness

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