mind.booty.soul pop-up experience

Where do I even begin?

If you missed out, then no worries because I will be giving you the low down on how amazing this event was!

We arrived at a beautiful spot near the Toadbury Hall river to find a wall of balloons. A stage with DJ included and lots of fitness companies setting up.

To say it was a crisp morning is an understatement. We were frozen! But knowing all the workouts were coming up meant we were not too phased.

This unique spot was so perfect for a morning of fitness, friendship and fun.

We started out with Sarina announcing the line-up for the day and the prizes up for grabs (and those were plenty!). This Emcee was out of this world! If you don’t know Sarina then you are missing out on some fiery fun!

‘The yogi Paige’ took the morning by storm with a 30 minute yoga session.

When I say yoga I don’t mean that in the traditional way. Talk about contagious energy! She made everyone push themselves out of their comfort zones! And I could tell they loved every minute of it. This isn’t your cookie cutter yoga class, it is yoga full of zest and fire!

Fast forward to some prize giving. The exhibitors had so many goodies being given away, it was like a day of gift giving. Included were booty photo competitions and squat challenges. Nothing like a little bit of competitiveness to brighten up your Saturday.

Next up was the booty band workout,

and I am not too sure whether it was tears or sweat dripping down some faces 😉 My idea was to teach the ladies some banded moves and include the proper technique. Hopefully that information will carry through into their gym workouts. And hopefully get some tags in their Instagram stories!

To finish off – we were fed warm, tasty wraps and had time to browse the different stalls. I am pretty sure everyone left some money behind with those amazing brands!

There are so many reasons why I love a good fitness event morning, but this one really topped them all. Spending time with like-minded people, sharing a good laugh or two! Playing around with handstands also makes one feel young again.

Thank you to all who made it possible, and to all of you who took time out of your Saturday to join us. Here is hoping we get together again soon.


Thank you to our exhibitors and goodie bag contributors;

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