Glute Activation – What you need to know!

Glute activation is somewhat of a ‘buzz word’ at the moment!

But what is it? In short glute activation is warming up the glute muscles and encouraging blood flow getting them to ‘fire’ better. This is especially important if you have a sedentary job or if you aren’t feeling the burn in your butt when squatting for example.


You have most likely seen that the number one exercise recommended for building your glutes is SQUATS. Yep, just squat, squat, squat and squat some more (they will say). But unfortunately for most people the squat is NOT the most effective exercise to build your glutes! And I will tell you why,


  • Most people (even seasoned gym-goers) DO NOT squat properly – that is their form/technique is lacking
  • A lot of people feel squats mainly (if not solely) in their quads – because of the point above, but they still believe somehow it is magically working their bum.
  • Some people squat so heavy, they can’t reach the volume necessary for growth or worse…
  • And then some people squat with NO weight and simply bop up and down a hundred times hoping to achieve something (other than sore hip flexors)
  • Finally, squats are only one exercise in a group of highly effective exercises you could be doing to work your glutes



I will get into some effective workout strategies for building your glutes in another blog post, but lets get back to glute activation. Without proper glute activation, no amount of squatting (heavy or otherwise) will produce the results you want – to firm up or grow your glutes. Because most of us sit behind a desk all day we develop glute amnesia – yep that’s a real thing! Our glutes become lazy and so even when walking around or climbing a flight of stairs we have barely any glute engagement. On top of that we don’t make that (very important) mind to muscle connection because the muscle fibres are so inactive.


Glute activation is a series of exercises performed to warm up the glutes and target them from a few angles to promote blood flow and properly engage them by making that mind to muscle connection.

They can be done as a stand alone sequence (high volume – many reps) or prior to a glute focused leg session (low volume – less reps). I would highly recommend doing at least a few of these exercises daily as the glutes can handle a fair amount of volume in general.


Now remember how I said squats need to be executed with the correct technique? You will see squats in this sequence but the focus should be to

-Firstly perform the movement as if you are sitting down on a chair starting with your feet shoulder width apart

-Secondly you want to drive the knees outward (against the resistance of the band) and

-Lastly you do not want to lock your knees out at the top of the movement.

Your Fit Band will help you focus on these things.

To encourage a hip/pelvic warm up you will definitely want to include some kind of abductor exercises.. and to really make the bum burn, you’ll need to do glute bridges.


Using Fit Bands for all of these, here is an example for a very effective glute activation sequence – I would recommend 1 set and a rep range anywhere from 15 (low) to 50 (high).

Follow the links to check out some of our customers doing these exercises!


Banded glute bridges

Banded frog bridges

Banded seated abductors

Lying abductors

Banded side steps

Banded (weightless) squats


As mentioned you will benefit from adding at least some of these exercises into your daily workout routine. You can also use your Fit Bands during leg workouts for a constant reminder to keep those glutes firing.


Once you’ve discovered how your glutes are meant to feel, you will never want to squat without your Fit Bands!


Do you have any more questions about glute activation or any requests for topics you would like us to cover?Please leave a comment below and feel free to share this article if you find it useful 😉


If you haven’t purchased your own Fit Bands yet, now is the time! Follow this link to shop.


Much love

Camella AKA Fit Farm Girl




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