The ‘By Fit Farm Girl’ timeline

Since we have a lot of new followers, I thought I’d share the journey of our brand – By Fit Farm Girl! Thank you to all my customers, supporters, ambassadors and representatives! You ALL have a special place in my heart?
30th April – Made the first announcement of Fit Bands by Fit Farm Girl
2nd May – Opened pre-orders for our first batch of stock, starting with pink (heavy resistance) and purple (super heavy resistance)
30 April- Introduced my two amazing Fit Bands Ambassadors, Micaela and Lauren
5th May – Launched Fit Bands by Fit Farm Girl at the Fit Affair 2.0
1st June – Sold out our first batch of stock!
21st June – Opened sales on our very own online store (that I designed and created myself from scratch) AND launched the new colours: Baby Blue (medium resistance), Red (heavy resistance), Black (super heavy resistance) and Navy (super heavy resistance)
1st July – Launched the THRUST by FFG barbell protector pad
23rd (to 2nd August) – introduced 4 beautiful Fit Bands Representatives. Annelize, Mel, Kylie and Veronique
25th July – Introduced two new colour bands with added rubber grips: Peach (heavy resistance) and Grey (super heavy resistance)
27th July – Released the new workout guide. With workouts designed by Izzy, layout and demo by myself and photos by Mariska.
15th August – Landed in the USA, leaving the packing and delivery in the capable hands of my brother Wolfgang and running the business remotely from here. I’ll be here until December
18th August – Introduced the Fit Strap lifting straps AND the Signature Series both heavy resistance in Camo and Peach Emoji prints
Currently – Awaiting two new stock batches!!! The first will come with a brand NEW product, eeek! And the second batch, a new colour with rubber grips and another new limited edition product. Plus two new products in development!
Keep your eyes peeled ladies, we’ve got plenty more coming your way ?
Love Camella, AKA Fit Farm Girl


  1. Ren
    October 29, 2020

    Hi How can I order the fit band combo? There is no place to pay

    1. fitfarmgirl
      November 8, 2020

      Hi there. Sorry for the delay, this is not where we are contected for stock inquries, but for blog/article comments. There is no place to pay for the combo because it is out of stock. I would highly recommend looking at our FAQ page to see info on restocking. Thank you

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