Benefits of using a Fit Band

These high-quality material resistance loop bands are designed to be used for lower body training to increase glute activation. They can be used in the gym or at home with a wide range of applications. Fit Bands can be used in conjunction with machines in the gym or on their own, during boot camps or cardio. Fit Bands by Fit Farm Girl are soft to the touch and wont pinch, slip, roll or rip which are all common concerns for those using other kinds of latex or rubber resistance bands. The fabric is extremely durable so your bands will last a very long time!


Research has shown that using resistance bands during leg training can

• Improve mind to muscle connection
• Help achieve deeper muscle contraction
• Greatly improve glute activation
• Help the user focus on correct form and
• Does not decrease performance especially on heavy lifts


If you have been struggling to grow your glutes or perhaps you don’t seem to get as stiff in your glutes as you do in your hamstrings and quads, it’s definitely time to get some Fit Bands.

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